What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is a studied and credentialed professional that addresses specific needs in one's personal life by examining what you are struggling with in the "here and now". While working with our clients we help them to discover what obstacles may be preventing them from moving forward in life.

A Life Coach never delves too far into the past because it may be too painful, or too far into the future for fear of the unknown. We all encounter problems in our lives that seem bigger than we can handle at that moment. As Life Coaches we give you the tools, motivation and empowerment to help you get through those moments.

We understand that "moving forward" can be difficult at times. A Life Coach believes you know yourself more than anyone. We work with you to better understand and define these obstacles in order to see more clearly. This enables you to reach your goal and beyond which gives you hope and a life that is meaningful again.

Grief & Loss

• Meeting you in your pain

• Helping you to process your loss

• Gaining awareness of unhealthy ways of coping & learning new ways

• Complicated Grief

• Learning how any type of Loss is Grief

• Finding joy and a meaningful life again

Coaching Women

• Finding your identity - understanding yourself & others

• How to handle conflict

• Helping you through life's transitions

• Balancing work, home and life

• Life through and beyond menopause

• Regaining your "empowerment"


• Understanding your emotions

• Managing anger in your relationships

• Communication and effective listening skills

• Beyond co-dependency & regaining your sense of self

• Forgiveness & Reconciliation - giving up control


• Peer Pressure - making wise decisions when it counts

• Balancing rules, relationships and respect

• Dealing with anger, defiance and rebellion

• Faith and Life - Lonely teens & broken relationships

• Teens searching for significance, identity & self worth

Helping People move forward when experiencing stresses in their lives

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